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Дата випускуНазваАвтор(и)
2017Case uber - transportation service or a service of information society? Battle on the future of the platform economyZoll, F. S.
2014Challenges for the accounting theory in view of the recognition of new intellectual property itemsPozharevska, Rumiana
2017Changes in consumers’ preferences during the economic crisisZabolotniy, О.
2013Changes in spa enterprises functioning in polish spa resortsNawrocka, Elzbieta
2017Changes in stock market volatility : lessons from the great recessionLebedinsky, Alex
2016Changes in the capitalist society : a shift to postcapitalismКсенченко, Л. Ю.; Мовчан, Л. Г.
2015Characterization of holding and group as two main types of multi-entity organizations - in the context of mergers and acquisitions processesBiałowąs, Piotr J.
2011Chemical industry in Ukraine: economic transformations and projectsMatvii, Mykola
2014Chief financial officers’ key concernsBerezovskaya, Margarita
2010«Childhood disease» of the leftism in capitalismSharov, Oleksandr
2017Christmas sales analysis abroadKlymchuk, Y.; Radvanetsky, М.
2017Circular Economy and Globalized Waste ManagementZvarych, Iryna
2015City promotion strategy success factorsRaszkowski, А.
2013City promotion strategy success factorsRaszkowski, Andrzej
2013Cluster as a Functioning Form of Local Production Systems: Тheoretical-Applied AspectsKurylyak, Yevheniy
2013Cluster form of production organizationKurylyak, Yevheniy
2014Clustering: European Experience and it’s Implementation in UkraineKurylyak, Yevheniy
2014Clusters in the system of strategic management for the regional economyKurylyak, Yevheniy
2011Co-investing Institutes in the system of saving activity factors of Ukrainian peopleHaponiuk, Mykola
лис-2015Coaching in Ukraine: Development and ProspectsLishchynska, Nataliya