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Дата випускуНазваАвтор(и)
2009A choice of the shortest of the alternative compressed blocks of the dynamic Huffman’s codes in the format of PNGShport’ko, Alexander
2018-09-28A correlation analysis of the link between the factor of the labor payroll fund in the economy and the financial resources of the state pension insurance in UkraineСидорчук, Анатолій Андрійович
2016A credit strategies as the basis for efficient functioning of banksМалахова, Олена Леонідівна; Іващук, Ольга Олегівна; Malakhova, Olena Leonidivna; Ivashchuk, Olha Olehivna
2017A Criterion of Convergence of a Branched Continued Fraction with Positive ElementsBodnar, D. I.; Voznyak, O. H.; Mykhal’chuk, R. I.
2010A decision-theoretic approach to maintain trust in ubiquitous displays environmentsKurdyukova, Katja; André, Elisabeth; Leichtenstern, Karin
2018A Distributed Security Situation Evaluation Model for Global NetworkZhang, Weiwei
2016A few words about the efficiency of the Polish judiciaryKossacki-Lytwyn, K.
2012A Hump-Shaped Relationship between Inflation and Endogenous GrowthMiyazaki, Kenji
2018A Mathematical Model of Microsurface Normal Distribution for Specular Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution FunctionDychka, Ivan; Sulema, Yevgeniya; Rudenko, Constantine
2009A method for structural synthesis of network capable application processorsMaykiv, I.; Stepanenko, А.; Woschall, D.
2011A Methodology for Database and Document SelectionTiwari, Raj Gaurang; Husain, Mohd.; Agrawal, Anil
2009A modified A* algorithm for allocating task in heterogeneous distirbuted computing systemsBahnasawy, Nirmeen A.; Attiya, Gamal M.; Mosa, Mervat; Koutb, Magdy A.
2017-12A necessity for forming the investment portfolio of householdsСидорчук, Анатолій Андрійович
2009A new algorithm for time series data mining by using rough setHao, Fei; Yeung, Ling Hei
2011A new approach towards the measurement of innovation and technological activitiesKorres, George M.; Polychronopoulos, George
2009A new world economic order: history, theory and directions of developmentYuriy, Serhiy; Savelyev, Yevhen
2015A research of the historical simulation method of measuring VaRGenc, Erda
2015A risk management approach to monetary policyKulchytska, Rostyslava
2013A selected initiatives of the research on the subjective quality of lifeKusterka-Jefmańska, Marta